• Gamla Means “Camel” and A Whole Lot More


    In Aramaic, the word “Gamla” or “Gamala” means “camel”, the “beast of burden” in ancient Biblical times.  In Hebrew, camel is “gamal”.  The mountain and city of “Gamla” was described …

  • John the Baptist Baptizes Jesus

    John the Baptist, the Wedding at “Cana” and Jesus’ First Five Disciples


    By Joe Bartling

    The Gospel of John is known as the “Christological” Gospel; its purpose to explain that Jesus is the “divine Son of God” and generally believed to have …

  • If Jesus Used Google Maps


    by Joe Bartling

    I’ve made the case in my article “Jesus’ Boyhood Hometown: Rediscovered after 2,000 Years?” that it is very possible, and even likely, that Gamla was …

  • Flight to Egypt

    Is Jesus of Nazareth Really from “Nazareth”? What’s in a Word?


    By Joe Bartling

    We’ve all heard from Biblical teachings that Jesus was raised in a town called Nazareth; he’s specifically called “Jesus of Nazareth” in the KJV version …

  • Red-slipped plates and bowls (1st Century CE) found at Gamla

    The Case of the Missing Red-Slipped Dishes in Gamla



    By Joe Bartling

    One of the most interesting phenomenon discovered in Gamla is the disappearance of “red-slipped dishes” and mold-made lamps in Gamla during the first century …