• John the Baptist Baptizes Jesus

    John the Baptist, the Wedding at “Cana” and Jesus’ First Five Disciples


    By Joe Bartling

    The Gospel of John is known as the “Christological” Gospel; its purpose to explain that Jesus is the “divine Son of God” and generally believed to have …

  • Gamla_to_Capernaum

    If Jesus Used Google Maps


    by Joe Bartling

    I’ve made the case in my article “Jesus’ Boyhood Hometown: Rediscovered after 2,000 Years?” that it is very possible, and even likely, that Gamla was …

  • Flight to Egypt

    Is Jesus of Nazareth Really from “Nazareth”? What’s in a Word?


    By Joe Bartling

    We’ve all heard from Biblical teachings that Jesus was raised in a town called Nazareth; he’s specifically called “Jesus of Nazareth” in the KJV version …

  • Red-slipped plates and bowls (1st Century CE) found at Gamla

    The Case of the Missing Red-Slipped Dishes in Gamla



    By Joe Bartling

    One of the most interesting phenomenon discovered in Gamla is the disappearance of “red-slipped dishes” and mold-made lamps in Gamla during the first century …

  • 100_8403

    Jesus’ Boyhood Hometown: Rediscovered after 2,000 Years?


    Its a cold case like no other that Joe Bartling has ever investigated.  A forensic technologist, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and licensed Private Investigator (PI), Joe visited Israel on five …