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    Jesus’ Boyhood Hometown: Rediscovered after 2,000 Years?

    Its a cold case like no other that Joe Bartling has ever investigated.  A forensic technologist and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Joe visited Israel on five trips in 2009 to …

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    Gamla: One of the Six Biblical Cities of Refuge

    By Joe Bartling

    Exodus 21:13 and 14 provides the first mention in the Hebrew Bible about a place of asylum or refuge because of causing an unintentional death of …

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    Gamla’s 1st Century CE Synagogue

    By Joe Bartling

    The Synagogue at Gamla is one of the few synagogues in Israel that can be dated prior to the fall of Jerusalem in 70CE.  Another is at …

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    Gilgal Rephaim, Israel’s “Stonehenge”, is Just 3 Miles from Gamla

    By Joe Bartling

    Gilgal Rephaim (Hebrew for “Circle of the Giants”) is a large megalithic monument that is just three miles east of the site of Gamla in the Golan …

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    Gamla, the camel-backed mountain

    From: The Times of Israel

    Founded by King Janneus around 80 B.C.E., Gamla was a Jewish town of 5,000 farmers. Excavations have revealed fascinating finds, including one …